IRIS Business Incubator

EU supported IRIS Business Incubator is a new Armenian institution supporting Syrian Armenian and local entrepreneurs to establish and develop successful ventures by providing a unique full cycle of business support services, including training, coaching, mentoring and access to finance with grant and loan funds.

IRIS Business Incubator has been founded in 2019 by “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO and “SME Cooperation Association” NGO within the framework of “Increased Resilience of Syrian Armenians and Host Population” (IRIS) programme funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis (՛MADAD՛ Fund), Austrian Development Cooperation and Austrian Red Cross.

IRIS BI aims to become a tool for sustainable development of future generations of start-ups and will stimulate the culture of entrepreneurship by bringing positive change to the business culture of Armenia through innovative approaches. 

Our Programmes

IRIS Business Incubator currently has 3 main programmes: SPARK, BUILD and START

  • SPARK programme targets self-employed people and those with innovative business ideas who want to start a new venture.
  • BUILD programme targets SME start-ups, which have been working less than 3 years.
  • START programme is for SMEs with not more than 100 mln AMD annual turnover.